Forging is a worldwide industry, producing high-quality metal items in various shapes and sizes. Forging can produce many shapes in many different materials and finishes. A piece of metal is heated up and manipulated into the desired shape using forging tools.

Forging is a full-on process of heating, manipulating and finishing a piece of metal, it is made by forcing metals into customized shapes using various forging tools.

Some of the various forging tools that are used are:

Anvil: An anvil is a tool that is used in forging, it is a large block of metal, usually made up of steel it has a flat surface top.

Tong: A tong is made up of three pieces of metal, it works similarly to a pair of scissors, the three pieces are three segments called the jaw, the boss and the reign.

Hammer: A forging hammer is used to form the metal between two dies.

Fuller: A fuller is a tool used to form metal; it is used when the metal is hot.

Press: Press forging is usually done on a forging press; this is a machine that applies pressure gradually on a forging die.

Furnace:  A forging furnace is an open furnace that can reach temperatures up to 1250 degrees.

Forging can cost anything from zero pounds to over a thousand! Depending on the equipment you already have or what you must buy.

There are three main processes of forging, they are:

Impression die forging: During this process, the metal will be placed in a die, and then attached to the anvil.

Hot forging: This process helps metal get to their maximum strength.

Cold forging: This process increases the metal’s strength through hardening the metal at room temperature.