Cleaning With Products That are Easily Available

Deterioration Over Time Natural Ways Of Cleaning Antique Silver These are non-abrasive cleaning ways that can be executed with readily available materials; Aluminium foil and baking soda This process involves lining a bowl with an aluminium foil, in which is poured a solution of baking soda and water. The jewelry is then placed in this […]

The Undiscovered Beauty Of Tables

Timelss Beauty   An antique furniture is an old piece of furniture from a previous time frame that is collected by lovers of art and valued due to a number of reasons; it may be because of its age, outstanding beauty, condition, its rarity in the market or even personal attachment to the item. Recently, […]

Restoring Chairs Back To Their Former Glory

Popularity of the chair Quite popular back in the early 20th century especially in the 1920s 30s, antique chairs are basically armchairs, and chairs of all kinds with armrests, cushioned seats and back, round, large and square. Most such chairs depicted incredible crafting skills and designs that make them special, stunning and a novelty in […]

Restoration Processes For Antiques And Artifacts Of indian Origins

The Broad Term Of Antique Antique Restoration Process Once you approach the right professionals to restore your antiques, they will first discuss your expectations with you before they begin the restoration process. It is required that the service provider understands the level of recovery you are expecting and what signs of use you would like […]

Antiques And Artefacts Restoration

The Depreciation Of Antiques Many antiques are made from exotic material, such as wood or glass or gold, and a combination of creative skill to create beautiful furniture pieces such as antique chairs, these items wear out over time making them lose their value. This wear may be caused by factors such as climatic condition […]