Commercial Heating Engineers

What’s the Difference Between a Plumber and a Commercial Heating Engineer?

Imagine you are in your home or workplace and suddenly you have a problem with your boiler, who do you call? Is a plumber best suited for this particular job or would a commercial heating engineer be more appropriate and qualified for the task at hand?

Like many people across the UK, you may think there isn’t too much of a difference and essentially, they are the same thing and tackle the same problems. However, this is not the case. There are clear distinctions between a commercial heating engineer and a plumber which will determine who is the best suited for this job. This post will highlight and outline the differences in profession and clarify how a commercial heating engineer differs from a plumber.

Commercial Heating Engineers

Commercial engineers have a wide knowledge of most household appliances however their specialism and qualifications will be focused on appliances that provide the home or property with heat. You should look to contact commercial heating engineers when gas or fuel reliant appliances require repair, servicing, installation or inspection. These appliances include gas cookers, boilers, central heating and many other household goods.

All qualified commercial heating engineers should be registered and fully certified on the gas safe register to ensure that you are getting the very best quality of service. Make sure you check they have their gas safe card and check the details to make sure that the commercial heating engineer is qualified to perform the job at hand. 

Commercial Heating Engineers

How Plumbers Differ From Commercial Heating Engineers

Plumbers differ from commercial heating engineers in more way than most people realise. Plumber date back to Roman times and have been an ever-present service in very high demand. There work in the past would consist of lead piping work but as times move on the plumbing systems in commercial and domestic properties have also. Plumbers now concentrate on working with both dry and wet piping, if something springs a leak a plumber will be the ideal person to call for an efficient and effective service.

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