Domed Labels

Everything you wanted, answered.

Today we will be looking at the various questions associated with domed labels: their printing process, the difference between vinyl stickers and the other, and their benefits. It’s important that we understand why domed labels are so beneficial to the advertisement and the branding of various products.

The first question we will look at is the difference between vinyl stickers and their counterparts domed labels. The thing to realise is that vinyl stickers can become domed stickers. They are simply the 2D version of the sticker about to be made. So, the difference is simply the resin applied to the top that is used to make the sticker pop up.

This leads nicely on to our second point regarding the production of the bubble domed label. As explained above, a vinyl sticker is first necessary to create a domed label masterpiece. Any sticker can be used, including things such as screen printing and digital processes.

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Finally, we would recommend domed labels above all other labels. They are the best for the following reasons:

  • Doming your labels is way more affordable than you might think. It’s pretty cheap to just change your run of the mill labels into bubble stickers. By giving them to the correct supplier, they can apply the resin coasting to create a truly beautiful domed effect on any label.
  • Resin domed labels tend to be of a slightly higher quality than 2D labels because they are shinier and harder
  • Using resin coated stickers can make your product’s branding more durable when it comes to the elements.
  • Resin coated domes are very versatile. Not only will they work for those products constantly outside, exposed to the elements, but will also work for any products indoors.

In conclusion, resin labels are the very best type of label and you cannot go wrong with improving your labels this way.

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